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Workforce News and Research

Latest updates on recruitment, retention, training both courses and grant support for upskilling workers,  building a stronger workforce and newest industry trends in Manufacturing, HealthCare and Financial Services.


Workforce - National Association of Manufacturers

Manufacturers recruit and retain employees amid a skills gap that leaves hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs unfilled monthly. ALOM Technologies Corporation—a global supply chain management services and solutions provider based in Fremont, California—has an answer: focus aggressively on company culture.

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Deloitte’s 2023 annual manufacturing report

Learn the trends manufacturers will need to consider for growth and to remain competitive.

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The Ohio Department of Development

Supports businesses, providing information on resources for funding, state incentives, workforce development, and other important information relevant to Ohio’s businesses. 

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Workforce Development Resources


University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine

The USC School of Medicine discuss repercussions of the staffing shortages in healthcare resulting in a public health crisis. Long-term investment strategies are offered on how to remedy this crisis. 

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McKinsey Report

Driving growth in healthcare through consumer-centric service

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Financial Services

HR Financial Services

Recruitment challenges in financial services and strategies for retaining new hires.

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McKinsey Report on Financial Services

This report looks at financial services organizations, changes needed to make the work environment attractive to employees, including increasing innovation, diversity and adapting a continuous learning culture.

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General Workforce News

Bizwomen – Business Journals

Job satisfaction is at an all-time high, but job satisfaction numbers are lower for women.  Read what companies can do to retain women in their company.

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Workforce Newsletter

Updates on Courses for Upskilling Workers, Training Resources - TechCred and Community Workforce Events

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